About us

To foster education development and make all types of activities, to establish and run educational institutions by any media or language and to help the other institutions who work for such acts ot to look after it a management/administration with conditional agreement which may include the education for Jr. Kg to Higher education up to college level.
For the educated unemployed persons providing employment opportunity
To plan get-together, lectures, exhibition, Historical ceremonies/programmes, shibir, seminars, and to publish Book, literatures, magazine etc. As per the objective of the Trust
Social religious and economic welfare of all people in the area of operation with a secular outlook.
To establish and manage functioning of clinics, maternity homes, hospitals etc. and to help other similar institutions
To help people during excess rain fall and Natural Calamities, and all time for saving the life of people in distress, and to provide food, dre seeds, to the affected persons, and to provide help, food cloth and to create empowerment opportunity with monetary assistance