Future Plan

With the help of the almighty we did achieve first level success in creating awareness for importance Of education in society. We are able to create an Educational institute which is like an oasis with palm Trees in desert. Now the social reform has started taking place by our herculean efforts of swimming against The current of the stream. With our planning we were able to find out suitable, educated and dedicated Teachers and other staffs from the society to promote educational status of community children.
In future we would like to see the flag of Shams, our institute, flying high at international level. We would like to add all level facilities of different educational pattern existing in the world like colleges, Universities and ultimately a complete planned educational group which can be said self sufficient in itself. We would like to let the whole world know about our smallest good deed and grandest good intention Through multimedia.
In primary maternal and child health awareness program, we would like to implement all health Programmes floated by state government and municipal corporation.
Now we wish to start :
[1] Arts – Science and Commerce College.
[2] Computer Education by Well Furnished Computer Lab.
[3] Health Care Center, [4] Science Lab
[5] Well Furnished Fulltime Library
[6] Welfare Center for Women
[7] Personality Development Center